What is Postpoint Digital Address?

Postpoint Digital Address is a solution that assigns a unique digital address to a specific location. It is based on a unique digital addressing system which converts latitudes and longitudes and assigns each 5x5 square meter a unique address called a digital address.

How can I access Postpoint Digital Address?

You can access Postpoint Digital Address via Web / Mobile App or USSD / Offline. You can download the Postpoint mobile app from Google Play or go to map.postpoint.cm for the Postpoint web app to find or share a location and export localization maps. You can also find, verify and register addresses in Cameroon with the USSD short code #237*555# through any network.

How can I integrate Postpoint Digital Address with other systems? 

You can integrate Postpoint Digital Address with other systems using Restful APIs. We provide search, detailed search and reverse APIs that allow you to connect to 3rd party geo-coordinates data systems.

How extensive is Postpoint's coverage, and what are its criteria and conventions?

We adhere to international naming conventions and administrative boundaries.
Presently cover the entire borders of Cameroon, Central Africa (Congo, Chad, Gabon, Central African Repubic) and counting.
Postpoint enables each piece of land, entity, hospital, etc. to have a distinct address.
We also include sites where no name has been assigned, such as rural areas, forests, and bodies of water.
Door-to-door delivery, last mile delivery solutions, end-to-end parcel tracking, new postal services, and better mapping solutions with rich custom managed points of interest (POI) are all possible.

How does Postpoint Digital Address work?

Postpoint Digital Address works by transforming GPS coordinates into a simple digital postal address. The address is made up of a 3-letter prefix, which represents the initials of the subdivision (district) and a series of numbers, which specify the exact location of the 5x5 square meter in that subdivision. For example,  DL5-0477-2375 is a digital address for a location in Douala 5 sub division in Cameroon.

What are the benefits of using Postpoint Digital Address? 

There are many benefits to using Postpoint Digital Address, including:

Accurate and precise location identification. Postpoint Digital Address is very accurate and precise, which is important for a number of purposes, such as delivery services, emergency services, and even just finding your way around town.
Affordability. Postpoint Digital Address is free to download and use, and there are no subscription fees.
Ease of use. The Postpoint app is user-friendly and the interface is intuitive.
Widespread adoption. Postpoint Digital Address is used by a variety of organizations, including the government, businesses, and individuals.
Postpoint is convenient, works with standard address plates, and can be accessed through USSD or mobile app even when there is no internet connection.
Within a 3m radius, it is quite effective.

Do you provide product support?

You can contact us though the contact us form or send an email through support@postpoint.cm and we'll respond in the briefest delays.

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