Postpoint Digital Address Solution

Find, share, and accurately indicate a location with our innovative digital address solution.
Designed with datasets from the Universal Postal Union and the World Geodetic System (WGS).

Door-to-door Delivery

Last mile delivery solutions - smart dropoff / pickup locations
End to end parcel tracking even to places with no conventional addresses.

Innovative Postal Services

Rest APIs available for longitude & latitude conversions to and from postal addresses and our innovative digital address codes.
Integration to 3rd party software
Improved cartography solutions with rich custom managed points of interest (POI).

Digital Address is the future.

The Postpoint mobile app is convenient to find share or indicate a location, works even with no internet connection, and extremely efficient in addressing within 3m radius.

Our innovative addressing system transforms GPS coordinates into a simple digital postal address.

Automatic Extract

Localization Map

Works offline / USSD

Postpoint Mobile App

QR Code printed 

Address Plates

Why Postpoint?

We are compatible with multiple map providers (Google Maps, OSM, HereMaps, etc.) offering country-specific solutions and industry needs, respecting administrative boundaries and international naming standards and procedures. 

Our digital addresses solution can be accessed via

Web / Mobile App

Download the Postpoint mobile app or use the postpoint web app to find or share a location and export localization maps.

Rest APIs

With our Restful (search, detailed search and reverse) APIs, you can connect to 3rd party geo-coordinates data systems.

QR Codes

Our digital addresses can be QR code printed in conventional address plates easily read even for automatic mail routing.

USSD / Offline

Users can find, verify and register addresses in Cameroon with the USSD short code #237*555# through any network.

Delivery, Emergency & Navigation

Points of interest with streetview

Search history & Bookmarks

Postpoint-Campost maps

Localization Map Extract

One click free Automatic Localization Map PDF export - lesser than 3 meters radius location precision on 5x5m grid country wide addressing system.

Postpoint Naming Policy

Postpoint was developed considering datasets from the Universal Postal Union and the World Geodetic System (WGS) standard used in our cartography, geodesy and satellite navigation, including GPS.
This innovative addressing system transforms GPS coordinates into a simple digital postal addresses.

With Postpoint digital addresses, each asset can be attributed an address; piece of land, institution, hospital, property, etc., has a unique digital address. The system also takes into account places where no name has been assigned such as rural areas, forests, water bodies can have their unique addresses.

Postpoint digital addressing system currently covers the entire surface area of Cameroon, can be scaled beyond, and assigns each 5x5 square meter a unique address called a digital address.
We take emphasis in each countries' administrative boundaries in our naming policy, working with local councils and governments.

In The Media / Press

Updates / News

Postpoint CEO and Cameroon's Minister of Post and Telecommunications at the inauguration of the CAMPOST NPSI - Yaounde

April 26, 2021

Launch of the National Payment Switch Infrastructure by MINPOSTEL and Campost - Postpoint session by CEO

April 27, 2022

Postpoint Digital Addressing and Identification as a catalyst for financial inclusion - Hilton, Yaoundé

Dec 27, 2022


Localization map API

0 .99 €
  • Per API call
  • Extract a pdf localisation map from an X,Y coordinate or postpoint
  • Convert geocoordinates (X,Y) to postpoint DAC
  • Convert Postpoint DAC to geocoordinates (X,Y)
  • Detailed search DAC

Standard API Subscription

99 .99 €
  • per 1k API calls /month
  • Convert Postpoint addresses to coordinates
  • Convert coordinates (X,Y) to postpoint DAC
  • Detailed search DAC
  • Search DAC

Enterprise starting from

  • +10k API calls /month
  • Convert Postpoint addresses to geocoordinates (X,Y)
  • Convert geocoordinates (X,Y) to postpoint
  • Detailed search DAC
  • Search DAC
  • Priority Support

Are you interested
in Postpoint
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We will be glad to exchange on how we can best assist you using our digital address technology.

DL5-0477-2375 Bonamoussadi, Douala
YD1-0904-2105 Centre Administratif, Yaoundé


(+237) 676 177 273



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Are you interested in Postpoint? Contact US

Once you open Postpoint app, it automatically finds your actual location and gives you the digital address (DAC) of the location of the postpoint cursor. You can move it around to know the DAC of any location around you and clicking the green button by your right thumb to come back to actual location. The 3 character prefix and a series of digits is the DAC of the location of the cursor.

No payment is required to download or use the Postpoint app. Making it available for everyone online or offline. Postpoint is also available on USSD #237*555# in Cameroon.

The postpoint app would interpret the digital addresses for you by clicking on info button on the right of the digital address which will give details of the area (closest points of interest, neighbourhood, village, city, region, district etc.).

Open the postpoint app once home or in your workplace and click on the green button beside your right thumb which will find your actual location. From there click the info button on the right of your actual address and you will get to the details page where you can click on export localization plan as a downloaded PDF document in your phone.

All digital address links are opened on postpoint which has a navigation/directions button for navigation using google maps and other 3 party apps.

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Door-to-door and last mile
Delivery Services

We can complete through the last mile delivery of goods to your doorstep from our partnership with the Cameroon Postal Services (CAMPOST) door-to-door delivery 
You can indicate a precise spot for heavy materials delivery even in rural areas or bushes.



Emergency Responses

Whether the incident is on a highway or in a city, Postpoint will enable the qualified services to provide pinpoint support or emergency or rescue in the shortest amount of time by allowing one-click access directly to emergency services within the Postpoint app.



Point of Interest reporting and Landmark Management

Save your favourite places with postpoint app and persons of interest.
Can be used to identify limits of land property, assets even in the bushes or water bodies with periodic imagery reporting using our managed services.



Remote management and Localization of fixed assets

Postpoint computes distances in metres (m) between you and any address entered and connects with exisitng naviation systems (compass, Google Map, etc.) to help get to places with no classic addresses.

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