Postpoint helps you find, share, and accurately indicate a location.

Postpoint - Digital address in Cameroun

About Postpoint

Postpoint is a geo-localization tool which assigns a unique digital address to a specific location.
It is practical, works even with no internet connection all over the country and extremely effective in addressing within 3m radius.

Postpoint lets you know, share, and indicate a location.

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This innovative addressing system transforms GPS coordinates into a simple digital postal addresses.
Our digital addressing system currently covers the entire surface area of Cameroon and assigns each 5x5 square meters a unique address called a digital addresses.

The system also takes into account places where no name has been assigned, such as rural areas, forests, water bodies within the boundaries of Cameroon, which now have their own unique addresses.

Benefits of digital addresses

Emergency Response

Indicate the postpoint digital address to the competent authority (firefigters, police, ambulance, etc.) in a situation of emergency to get a quicker support. Works even with no internet.


Get your your deliveries at your doorstep. You can even inidicate a particular spot for your building materials to be delivered even in rural areas or bushes.


Save your favourite places within the postpoint app and share with loved ones. Can be used even to identify limits of land property even in the bushes or water bodies.

Ease of navigation

Postpoint computes distances in metres (m) between you and any address entered and connects with exisitng naviation systems (compass, Google Map, etc.) to help get to places with no classic addresses.

Postpoint in the media.

What do users say about Postpoint

Just got to download it now n it works Just what i need for my travel locaton thanks to postpoint.

Abwa Albert

Google User

A simple and effective solution to a common issue in Cameroon.

Dorette Jack


very easy to use

Flora Bell


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